Drive & expand your network 

Launch your very own service marketplace in 4 weeks

Display the full extent of your network’s offer centralised on one platform (B2B et B2B2C)


Ogustine Franchise handles every service

Whether your services are at home, by videoconference or on your premises, open a new sales channel with online booking!

More than a simple platform, Ogustine provides you and your network with all the management tools to optimise your daily life.

marketplace for home services, cleaning, home care, gardening


Home cleaning marketplace

Repair/Breakdown service marketplace

Garden maintenance marketplace

Multi-service concierge

personal home services marketplace, child care, babysitting, tutoring, coaching

Family care

In-home tutoring marketplace

Babysitting marketplace

In-home fitness coach

marketplace for service companies, home care, assistance to elderly, shopping delivery

Elderly & Home care

In-home assistance marketplace

Mobility assistance marketplace

marketplace for wellness services


In-home massage therapy marketplace

In-home hairdressing marketplace

Yoga marketplace

marketplace for professional services, industrial cleaning, consulting


Commercial Cleaning

Professional advice

Lounges and offices

Rehabilitation centers

We could tell you that we are the best, but it’s better when others say it!

Ogustine MarketPlace awarded user choice by Appvizer
Ogustine awarded leader marketplace by Appvizer
Ogustine MarketPlace awarded best human services by Appvizer
Ogustine MarketPlace awarded seal of excellence
Ogustine MarketPlace awarded best customer case by EuroCloud

2021 – Best customer case

market place for personal home services

The power of your own marketplace app designed for personal home services:

  • Unified management of your suppplier network
  • Expand or restrict a supplier’s zone
  • Automatic allocation of incoming requests
  • Book and pay online (several methods)
  • Automatic invoicing,
  • Commission management,
  • Dashboard …

The synergy of your community, the strength of your influence!

Don’t choose between sales and management anymore.

Ogustine is not only your own marketplace app but also it is your business management tool (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Ogustine Franchise allows you to :


  • manage your network in just a few clicks ;
  • provide you (including your network) with management tools designed for your business;
  • facilitate the management of your customers and
  • accelerate your sales with these unique e-commerce features.
marketplace for service provider with e-commerce, CRM and ERP features

A customer journey in synch with today’s new reality

  • Web & mobile customer environment
  • Internal messaging system
  • Automatic SMS/email alerts
  • Scheduling synchronization
  • Dashboards …

At the click of a button, high expectations and time constraints will be met

Marketplace creation with staff management
personal home services marketplace creation

Create new opportunities by developing B2B2C service offers

  • Business contributor environment
  • Reward management
  • Third-party payers and financing management
  • White- labelled booking environment for your professional customers
  • Dashboard…

Create new opportunities and display your services to customers and employees of every organisation. Ogustine Franchise is the perfect solution to set up your own digital concierge service.

On the cutting-edge of innovation

When many sectors (Transportation, Housing, Hospitality, Health …) are affected by the platformisation phenomenon, which could lead to poor service, Ogustine is focused on excellence : the launch of a solution dedicated to the creation of marketplaces for personal home services professionals.

From our 15 years experience in the sector and 4 years of work prior to Ogustine’s inception, we want to share with you the essence of this digital transformation carried out by Ogustine Marketplace

Whether your are a network of franchisees, an operator managing several service suppliers or a concierge solution service, Ogustine was created for you.

Whether or not you already have a website, Ogustine looks after you all along.

Our customers


I would like to thank our partner Ogustine and its entire team for their professionalism and their invaluable help in the launch of this new project. A partnership that has only just begun!


We were looking for a tailor-made solution for “Immigration à la carte” in order to bring together all the information, all the partners, all the services we offer to newcomers on the web. Ogustine and its team suggested that they build for us the first “Immigration à la carte” marketplace 

Contacting immigration consultants, a law firm, an accountant and easily making an appointment on the website then paying directly online has never been easier,  regardless of  where you are in the world…

Christophe Verhelst

Founder, Immigration à la carte

The PROTEXYS SERVICES team is delighted to have been able to count on the dynamism and professionalism of its Franco-Canadian friends and colleagues during the past few months in order to be able to launch its connected concierge project …


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